Honda 2018 Goldwing Tour

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The 2018 Goldwing Tour is the manual variant in the new-generation Goldwing series. Completely redesigned—the first in 17 years. A more fulfilling, superb riding experience to riders and passengers.

The Goldwing’s frame has been redesigned, utilizing an aluminium twin tube configuration to allow for more flexibility and weight reduction. Die-cast aluminium parts are fully used for the frame body. The riding position for both the rider and passenger have been moved toward the front and the seat rail has been shortened. A revision of the rear luggage box capacity has lead to further mass concentration.

To achieve ‘excellent dynamic performance and comfort with an enhanced controllability in a wide variety of situations,’ the Goldwing now adopts a newly developed front double wishbone suspension system. The cushion functions for absorbing shock and the fork holder responsible for steering are separated from each other. The shock transmitted from the road surface to the handlebars has been reduced by about 30% compared to the previous model, resulting in a much smoother ride.

A new attaching method of the swing arm to the frame results in weight reduction of 2kg and increased stability. The new Goldwing has adopted the electric adjustable suspension system, which is linked with the Riding Mode that is currently chosen to automatically provide the damping characteristics optimized for each riding situation, for the front and rear suspension systems. An electric preload system allows for a more intuitive selection of the preload type. Separate from the selection of the Riding Mode, it is possible to choose from 4 types of the preload settings for the rear according to whether a passenger is aboard and whether there is luggage.

For the new Goldwing, electronically controlled dual combined ABS optimally distributes braking force to the front and rear wheels, in linkage with the current Riding Mode of choice, automatically adjusting the braking characteristics more in line with the riding situation, which has enhanced the sense of security in riding.