Honda 2019 CBR500R

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Honda’s CBR500R ‘pocket rocket’ gets an aggressive, aerodynamically driven sports makeover, plus a racier riding position. The engine has more low-to-mid range power and torque, and is it now equipped with an assist/slipper clutch. New LCD instruments and LED indicators round out the updates.

Honda’s fully-faired CBR500R gives a genuine sporting energy to its fun-focussed twin-cylinder ‘light middleweight’ trio. Suitable for riders looking to move up from a smaller machine, it instils the excitement of sports bike ownership into every ride yet also delivers sensible running costs, making it a great bike to both commute through the working week and enjoy at the weekend. It’s also found favour with experienced riders looking to downsize their machinery, while preserving the essence of enjoyable motorcycling.

Contrasting angles and shaping – between the very slim and more muscular – from the fairing nose to the seat unit outline the CBR500R’s new look. It’s an ergonomic design for the rider to use aggressively which also features improved aero management. Clip-on handlebars now mount below the revised top yoke and the riding position is canted further forward.

The engine now makes 4% more power and torque between 3-7,000rpm thanks to revisions to the inlet, exhaust and valve timing. It also now features an assist/slipper clutch. New LCD instruments feature a Shift Up and Gear Position function and the indicators are now LED, to match the rest of the lighting. While the chassis remains essentially unchanged a new rear shock absorber delivers consistent damping performance and improved control.

Honda 2019 CBR500R
Honda 2019 CBR500R

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